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Hello, my loyal followers!

There are so many interesting things to tell you all that have happened across October so far!

Prepare for a load of photos...

1. I went to Germany and Austria!

As most of you already know, I completed my Chemistry Master's degree in Spain. While studying, I became friends with cool people all over Europe. We decided to have our annual reunion in Munich, Germany, as it would coincide with the final weekend of Oktoberfest!
Enjoying what the Germans call a Maß...

I must admit that Oktoberfest was very different to my expectations. To guarantee entry to one of the tents, we had to be in the queue before 7am, in time for a 9am opening. I don't know about you lot, but I'm not the greatest fan of drinking in the morning! That said, we still had a great time, and the pretzels were jumbo.

Here's Limme's head for scale.

Finally, after a long weekend in Munich, I caught a coach to Vienna, Austria. In hindsight, I should have flown it, as the journey was nearly 7 hours. Anyway, I met with David, another of my Seville friends, and spent the next few days enjoying some Viennese culture with him.

Rooftop views of the Ringstraße.

2. I had a weekend in Brighton!

Immediately after my return from Europe, my old lab partner, Emily, came down from Yorkshire for a visit. Along with James, we decided to take over my dad's place in Brighton.

We were blessed with some sunshine, so decided to wander around, check out the Pier and the little shops in the Lanes.


3. After meeting with my haematologist, a scan was booked.

I guess we're back to cancer again now. I had met with my consultant and he was slightly concerned about itchiness. This was one of my presenting symptoms when I was originally diagnosed back in 2013. Recently, I have been getting some red and itchy blotches on my skin, and well, we had to rule out the possibility that I could relapse once again... So I was sent for a PET/CT scan (for more information on this procedure, read 'Being Scanned').
My comfy tissue bed, ready for a PET/CT scan.

My results came back shortly after. ABSOLUTELY CLEAR! About bloody time.

So that's pretty damn conclusive. My problems aren't due to a relapse, so I've been referred to a dermatologist in December for further testing. I was explained that the long-term effects of chemotherapy can include skin irritation and dryness, so hopefully they can be sorted easily.

4. I ate my first Michelin star!

A friend of mine, back from the days of Sixth Form, got engaged. To celebrate Jennifer and Tom's amazing news, we dined together at the Michelin star Indian restaurant, Trishna, in Marylebone. It was pretty swanky, and the company was good too.
After a couple glasses of Prosecco...

5. I attended a protest against the road closures in Walthamstow Village.

At the moment, there is a lot of controversy in my local area. I have lived in Walthamstow Village, an interesting and historic pocket of North-East London. It was never considered a particularly desirable place to live until not long ago.

In the past few years, the area has undergone a large degree of gentrification, and more recently, there has been a campaign by a small, but vocal, group of locals to close roads in favour of cyclists.

I can definitely sympathise to their cause, but they can't seem to do the same with mine, or other disabled and elderly residents in the area. In response to the pro-cycle campaign, dubbed Mini Holland, the local council have closed all but one access road into Walthamstow Village.

Don't get me wrong, I think cycling is an excellent form of transport and I am not in protest of that. Instead, I feel like the closures have been finalised without taking into consideration the full extent of the residents' needs. I feel trapped in my own home.

For those who would like to do something, please sign this petition against the closures.
A large number of residents also appear to agree.

6. I was called up at synagogue.

It's no secret that I'm Jewish, so from time to time I do Jewwy things.

This includes being called up at my synagogue, Bevis Marks, to recite Birkat HaGomel, a special prayer said by those who have overcome serious illness. It was great to be surrounded by so many friends, family and members of the congregation and to receive their blessings.

Since being told I was physically better, it was time to let go of some of my issues spiritually.
At our synagogue, we wear top hats.

7. I got a job offer!

I'll make this the last one now, as this is becoming a very long post.

In my last blog post, I mentioned how I was invited to speak to a corporate crowd on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust. After this, I was approached by one of the guests to talk about potentially being offered a position in their department.

I am proud to announce that I will be starting an internship in Sustainability for Mace, an international consultancy and construction company. They are known for building the famous Shard skyscraper.

We have agreed that I will begin in January. The new year really will signify a fresh new start for me.

Joshua Lerner

Hi! I’m the 'star' of Livin' With Lymphoma. The blog was founded on the 31st October 2013, on the day I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin's lymphoma. I hope you find it funny and informative.

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