Me And Chemotherapy 2B

I'll start with the usual "location of the week" segment. As of today, this blog has had as many independent visitors as there are, on average, in one square-kilometre of Mumbai, India. And we all know that India is like, well busy, ya know?
A lazy, non-centralised map of Mumbai. 
Being normal. I would love to be normal. Half of this battle is accepting that unfortunately, I'm not. It's only right to rephrase that to feeling normal.

As I have undergone chemotherapy session 2B this afternoon, I can't help but compare the difference in how I feel now, compared to how I was last night. I was laughing, focussed and energetic. Now, I am gradually becoming more muddled and weak. The thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that in 7-10 days I will feel normal again, albeit for just the few days after.
Jaimón y Joshito during chemo 2B
The point I want to make is that I have realised that despite undergoing intense treatment for lymphoma, I am still somewhat able to do the things that a young twenty-something-year-old boy would want to do. This time round, on my good days, I went on an overnight trip to Brighton to see old faces and enjoy the sea air. In fact, this was the first time I left London since my diagnosis in October. I've also been occupied by the arrival of my PS4, which has been a good laugh. Except it came with no games. My eBay account has been reactivated.

One small thing that occasionally becomes an awkward issue is that I was advised, by the doctor, to avoid takeaways. A takeaway, in my eyes, is a social meal. A movie and a Chinese. Board games and an Indian (said nobody, ever). This is due to being unable to see where and how the food is handled, and whether things that should not be reheated are actually reheated. Food hygiene ratings can now be found online for most of the UK, but is it worth the risk? Perhaps not. I've just written a paragraph about takeaway food. Priorities, Joshua!
This isn't a murder scene, but its a possibility I can't rule out.
I guess this is a fitting time to say that the doctor decided to refer me to a dietician because I am becoming a fatty. I haven't particularly been paying attention to what goes in my gob due to Christmas, a time for eating until your trousers no longer fasten. Time to cut down on those Borders Gingers, eh? Please, please, stop sending me them now for the sake of my waistband! If you think of a tasty, healthy snack, let me know!
I'll end this entry by assuring you all that I'm okay, considering the circumstances. There are a few other things which I'm currently arranging to make things easier on me, both socially and financially, and once they're sorted, I hope to feel more normal.

Oh yes! This marks my quarter-of-the-way point into treatment! It's a decent milestone and so it deserves cake. Don't tell my dietician.

Healthier alternatives on a postcard, please!
I'll be back sometime soon with updates as they come and whenever I get an interesting idea buzzing. 

Joshua Lerner

Hi! I’m the 'star' of Livin' With Lymphoma. The blog was founded on the 31st October 2013, on the day I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin's lymphoma. I hope you find it funny and informative.

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  1. How can you forget that you came to huddersfield in november?! xx

    1. Huddersfield doesn't count because it's a place I wouldn't admit to going :D

    2. I wish this was facebook so I could like your comment Josh.

  2. I've helped you by eating your rocky-road mini-bites. Love, Mummy. xxx