An Evening With Teenage Cancer Trust

Let's start with an old favourite - which town or country represents the readership of this blog! As of this evening, we are now over 120,000. The support that you have all shown me is mind-blowing. Thank you.
Welcome to Waco, Texas! And no, it's not a misspelt description of me.
This evening was a massive honour - I had been asked by the Teenage Cancer Trust to represent them, and other young-adult patients, to address an audience of over 100 corporate and individual supporters, as well as some volunteers.

The evening was an amazing success! From what I've heard, there was massive financial support from attendees and the event was enjoyed by all who came.

The work that the Teenage Cancer Trust does around the UK is incredible. In the hands of the NHS, I know my medical care will be fantastic, but sometimes it's just not enough. The Teenage Cancer Trust were absolutely amazing to me during my treatment by putting me in touch with other young people, and generally just helping to build back my confidence after such a mighty blow.

I even decided to get a bit cheeky with my talk. I casually dropped the fact that I have begun job hunting in front of a number of successful company directors, recruiters and rich people. If you fall into one of those categories, please do get in contact! And if I'm not appropriate for your organisation, I'm certain you'll know somebody who will think I am!

The best route of contact would be via email. Please drop me a message at!

Finally, I was given a gift bag full of wonderful goodies for helping out this evening. I'm very proud to sport my new pyjama top. Goodnight everybody!
Keeping those pearly whites clean!


Joshua Lerner

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