Short and Sweet

Let's keep this like the title, Short and Sweet - I'm not describing myself here! As I'm getting into the swing of 'normal' life again, free time is quickly becoming a luxury.

Work is going very well. I've passed the six-month probationary period, so now I'm officially an Assistant Project Manager working in the rail industry. It can be a stressful job, although I really enjoy the challenge and stability that my job gives. The money isn't bad either!
Snazzy work mugshot!
My heart broke last week as the UK announced its departure from the European Union. There will be many aspects of my lifestyle that will be directly affected, especially regarding travel and insurance premiums. As a Jew of Sephardic origin (descended from the Jews who lived in the Iberian Peninsula in the late 15th century), I am eligible to apply for Spanish citizenship. It would not mean relocating to Spain, instead having dual nationality. My quality of life would be significantly greater by remaining an EU citizen. More information is listed in this FAQ.

My health is at the best level it's ever been for ages! I can't think of the last time I was poorly which is massively encouraging. After a routine check-up with my haematology consultant, it was confirmed that my blood counts are regular and steady. The next appointment will be in October.

On the other hand, my low energy levels seem to have plateaued. It does not take much to exhaust me and so I am being offered extra support in addressing this. The charity Macmillan Cancer Support offer Fatigue Management sessions to help identify positive changes that can be implemented. I am booked in for a session in July.

The next medical checkpoint is on the horizon - re-immunisation. It has been shown that prolonged and intensive chemotherapy can invalidate previous immunity to disease and therefore I will require all vaccinations a second time. A schedule has been sent to my GP and will begin soon...ouch.
Sad face :(
Thanks everybody for your continued love and support. Life goes on!

Joshua Lerner

Hi! I’m the 'star' of Livin' With Lymphoma. The blog was founded on the 31st October 2013, on the day I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin's lymphoma. I hope you find it funny and informative.

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