Hello. I'm back!

Although I've not been blogging so much these days, definitely don't assume I haven't been active! There have been many adventures with my friends, a birth (not mine, I promise!), a wedding, my birthday and lots of sunshine.
It's definitely a wonderful summer so far!
Every day that passes makes me look far healthier than the day before. I'm currently rocking a bit of a beard, my hair is growing back and my eyebrow game is stronger than ever. My skin is darkening, as opposed to being a sickly geisha white. I'm definitely enjoyed being 'tubeless' too. I've even been swimming for the first time in ages.
Today marked the first three-monthly check up after my Stem Cell Transplant. It hasn't been quite that long since I had finished with that mega hospital stay, but instead since the first chemotherapy session in preparation.

In terms of my health, there's not a whole lot for me to inform you on. That's a good thing, I promise! My blood tests have returned good levels of most vital blood cells. The platelets are on the low side, although not dangerously.

The most frustrating thing is my energy levels. They're still very low. Every now and again I get some kind of adrenaline burst and keep going all day, followed by 2-3 days of absolute exhaustion. I need to sleep around 12 hours each night, like some kind of lazy feline. According to the docs, this is to be expected. Fine.
Shhhh, or you'll wake me.
I've been advised to continue as I am, not thinking about careers and working for another three months. Hopefully I'll be feeling far more energetic by then!

So yes, September marks the next time I'll need to (hopefully...) make any kind of contact with the hospital. It's amazing just how quickly everything goes from intense to calm.

Joshua Lerner

Hi! I’m the 'star' of Livin' With Lymphoma. The blog was founded on the 31st October 2013, on the day I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin's lymphoma. I hope you find it funny and informative.

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  1. It is brilliant to have updates on you. When my friend Andrea Slade told me about you, I put you on our prayer list (I'm a Catholic nun by the way) and we have been praying for you for a very long time now, since February 2014! I am so pleased to read that the stem cell transplant is holding and we all wish you complete healing and a long life! Best wishes Sister Marika